Lightweighting with Advanced High-Strength Steel Produces Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions than Lightweighting with Aluminum


The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute, released a peer-reviewed study demonstrating the importance of material production emissions toward a vehicle’s lifetime environmental impact.

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The Value of Collaboration

See what our members and customers have to say about the value of collaboration between the automotive/steel industries and how the knowledge gathered at Great Designs in Steel helps them achieve their performance, safety, lightweighting and sustainability goals.


Environmental Product Declaration for Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track


The Steel Recycling Institute released the first industry-wide Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track manufactured in the United States and Canada. The EPD quantifies the “cradle-to-gate” life cycle environmental impacts of these products, and can be used by architects and engineers to document these impacts. The EPD, based on a peer-reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA), can also help designers achieve the credits required for building certification within LEED® and other green building rating programs. 

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The Importance of the Production Phase in Vehicle Life Cycle GHG Emissions 

A study showing the material production phase accounts for a significant portion of overall vehicle life cycle emissions; therefore, it must be considered as part of any overall regulatory program to reduce vehicle emissions.

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Codes and Standards

Codes and Standards

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