About SMDI

About Steel Market Development Institute

The Steel Market Development Institute, a business unit of AISI, increases and defends the use of steel by developing innovative materials, applications and, in general, making steel the highest value material in the automotive, construction and packaging markets. In partnership with its investor steel companies, SMDI:

  • WORKS WITH OUR AUTOMOTIVE CUSTOMERS to advance and demonstrate steel’s superior performance, providing better value than competing materials.
  • PROVIDES STEEL-BASED SOLUTIONS in the commercial and residential construction sectors and transportation and infrastructure sectors through applied research and technology transfer with its many partners in the construction markets, including using the codes and standards processes to differentiate steel.
  • INTERFACES WITH LEGISLATORS and health professionals to ensure a level playing field for canned food in federal programs and to inform these influential groups about canned food’s high nutritional value to both children and adults.
  • STRATEGIZES WITH ALL STAKEHOLDERS — from customers to academia to legislators and regulators — to identify and implement steel solutions which meet society’s needs in all markets.
  • LEVERAGES THE CAPABILITIES of the Steel Recycling Institute in promoting recycling, sustainability and life cycle advantages of North American steel.

SMDI is comprised of the following market groups and functions:

  • Automotive Applications Council
  • Construction Market Council
  • Steel Packaging Council
  • Long Products Market Development Group
  • Sustainability (through the Steel Recycling Institute)

Your SMDI Leadership Team

Thomas J. Gibson

Jody Hall
Vice President
Automotive Market

Robert Wills
Vice President
Construction Market

Rich Tavoletti
Rich Tavoletti
Container Market

Mark Thimons
Vice President
Steel Recycling Institute

Deanna Lorincz
Senior Director

David Anderson
Senior Director
Automotive Technical and Long Products Program


Steel Fact

Tomorrow’s steel cans will continue to preserve the nutrition and taste of hundreds of food products for consumers that demand flavor, shelf stability and convenience.