Steel Packaging

Family of steel cans

The mission of the Steel Packaging Council is to make steel the material of choice of customers and consumers by promoting the use of steel to meet the demands of the marketplace. Tin mill products are used to package a variety of products including more than 1,500 variations of food, pet food, paint, household products, health and beauty products and much more.              

This mission has as a primary emphasis the implementation of a growth strategy to promote steel-based solutions to expand existing markets, grow new markets, and implement innovative approaches to enhance the viability of steel packaged products with consumers. 

Steel packaging provides strength, safety, multiple dimensions of convenience and environmental benefits.  Steel cans are tamper resistant and protect products from outside contaminants such as oxygen, water and light.  The shelf stability of canned food helps provide convenient nutrition straight from the kitchen pantry.  Steel cans are also the most recycled food packaging.

The Steel Packaging Council is a founding member of the Canned Food Alliance (CFA), which is a consortium of steel producers, food processors and affiliate members.  The CFA develops custom research on canned food, advocates for increased access to healthy canned food, and communicates the benefits of canned food with influencers, decision makers and consumers.

Steel Packaging Council Investors:

- ArcelorMittal Dofasco
- ArcelorMittal USA LLC
- United States Steel Corporation
- USS-POSCO Industries

Steel Fact

Tomorrow’s steel cans will continue to preserve the nutrition and taste of hundreds of food products for consumers that demand flavor, shelf stability and convenience.

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