Join The Steel Market Development Institute

Exhibit hall at Great Designs in Steel 2017.

We Can Build it Together

In this world of intense materials competition, we can partner together to make steel the material of choice in the automotive, construction, container and energy markets. A strong and growing steel market matters to all of us.

The opportunity to jointly invest and drive steel market growth is at the center of the Steel Market Development Institute. This Institute is an initiative built on the success of the American Iron and Steel Institute’s Market Development Program to ensure a bright future for our businesses by growing new and traditional markets for steel. As an investor in the Steel Market Development Institute, you will be a member of an alliance that works together to give steel a competitive advantage over other materials.

An Alliance for Growth

The Steel Market Development Institute brings together a wide range of industry players – from steel producers to steel processors, fabricators and customers – with a vested interest in a increasing the use of steel. Together, we develop crucial insights into the issues and challenges driving customer and consumer materials selection decisions and develop market-focused solutions based on new technology and research.

Market Insight and Innovation

Our dedicated team of technical and marketing experts collaborates with your staff to develop multi-year business plans with specific and tangible goals addressing your company’s market interests. The success of the Steel Market Development Institute is measured in results, so you’ll see the potential of your investment and gain value that impacts your bottom line, such as strengthened market demand, strategic marketing options and reduced market development costs.

As an investor, you will gain:

  • Insight into market trends, consumer trends, economic indicators and government policies.
  • A leadership role with steel industry partners.
  • Opportunities to expand traditional markets while developing new-growth markets.
  • An advanced position on steel research and research-based solutions.
  • Leading product design technologies.
  • Generate and sustain relationships with customers outside of a commercial setting.

For more information or to request an application, please contact 202.452.7142.